Project Manager (IPMA Level C®) / Senior Project Manager (IPMA Level B®)

Upgrade C/B certification for valid Level D certificate holders

The main focus of this training course is on the practical application of your project management know-how. Along with other participants, you will work on complex project case studies that require you to apply your experience and knowledge. During the plenary result presentations and discussions, trainers will provide you with both individual and group feedback.

The qualification course:

  • Offers effective and efficient needs-based preparation for the C/B certification process
  • Improves your competencies and knowledge of PM methods
  • Structures your practical know-how
  • Complements the technical and behavioral project management competence elements of the Level D training compendium
  • Helps you to assess your project management competence in relation to the standardized and internationally acknowledged IPMA methodology

The training course starts with a one-day kick-off workshop that is used predominantly to complete all formalities (self-assessment, registration, project lists) and answer all questions concerning the certification process (one-day assessment,
written project experience report/project case study report and oral assessment).

The kick-off is followed by two two-day workshops that focus on technical and social topics related to the management of projects, portfolios and programs in organizations. The workshops will each include a one-day project assessment that lay a special emphasis on behavioral competencies.

The aim of the training course is to intensively prepare all participants for the three-day certification. Furthermore, the training course aims to offer participants a floor to reflect and discuss their day-to-day experiences in projects with other experts and senior managers.

The Level C/B certification consists of three components:

» A written exam (2 hours)
» A practical project assessment in working groups (1 day)
» An oral assessment (approx. 1 hour)
» A written project experience report (Level C) or project case study (Level B

The project case study for Level B candidates requires prior agreement on topic and focus with the PM-ZERT. Therefore, Level B candidates agree with assessors on individual report topics after the oneday practical assessment and draft their project case study thereafter.

In recent years, the trainers of Premium Know How have repeatedly been recognized as Benchmark Trainers by the GPM, due to the high pass rate of their training participants.

All Premium Know How trainers are certified Senior Project Managers (IPMA Level B®) and GPM accredited trainers. They have extensive and long-standing experience in the management of complex projects in various fields. Apart from their trainer function, they regularly work as project managers or coaches. Their field experience allows them to contribute examples and share their experience for the benefit of the participants.